NMRE Board of Directors Membership

The business, property, and affairs of the Northern Michigan Regional Entity are managed by its Governing Board.  The Governing Board of the Northern Michigan Regional Entity is a policy Board.  It does not directly operate the Northern Michigan Regional Entity, only determine policy which the CEO executes.

Each of the five participating Member Community Mental Health Services Programs shall appoint three individuals from its current Board roster to serve on the Northern Michigan Regional Entity Governing Board.  At least one individual shall have received mental health or substance use disorder services, as defined in the Mental Health Code and the Public Health Code, 1978 P.A. 368 and 2012 P.A. 500.

The Northern Michigan Regional Entity Governing Board meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 10:00AM in the conference room located at 1999 Walden Drive in Gaylord, unless otherwise posted.  The meetings are Open to the Public in compliance of 1976 P.A. 267 (the “Open Meetings Act”).

Governing Board Members

Don Tanner, Chair
Ed Ginop, Vice Chair
Gary Nowak, Secretary
Kate Dahlstrom
Angie Griffis
Gary Klacking
Terry Larson
Eric Lawson
Christian Marcus
Mary Marois
Jay O’Farrell
Richard Schmidt
Karla Sherman
Don Smeltzer
Chuck Varner