Crawford County: CCSD Trained to Prevent Opiod Overdose Deaths

Narcan, the brand name for Naloxone, can either be administered with a nasal spray or with an injection.

NMRE and Up North Prevention Fund Training by Crawford Coalition for Sheriff’s Deputies in Use of Narcan

First Life Saved Weeks Later

The following article appeared in the February 7th edition of the Crawford County Avalanche and was written by Dan Sanderson. It details the December 18th training of the deputies in Narcan administration, as well as their subsequent first overdose death prevention on January 2nd of this year.

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Partnering with State of Michigan to Provide Cutting Edge Treatment to combat Opioid Epidemic

The Northern Michigan Regional Entity (Region 2 Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan) is partnering with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to provide cutting edge treatment for persons with Opioid Use Disorder in Michigan’s Northern Lower Peninsula. In a recently announced pilot program, Region 2 was named as the area identified by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services who would begin piloting an Opioid Health Home program in Michigan. The program is aimed at providing cutting edge recovery-oriented services to combat the rise of drug overdose deaths that has more than tripled since 1999. Please see the MDHHS proposed policy draft for more information.

MDHHS Proposed Policy Draft for Opioid Health Home: 1807-BHDDA-P