FY2022 Tobacco 4000 RFP

“NMRE has available funding for a Tobacco 4000 grant, via EGRAMS.  This grant will run to 9/30/2022, with $4000 available total from the PIHP. The project should address the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) and related consequences.

Allowable funding activities include:

  • Development of material regarding Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)
  • Purchase of ENDS product kits
  • ENDS town hall meetings and/or community presentations
  • ENDS education
  • Costs associated with printing and/or mailing ENDS materials
  • Work with partners to ensure comprehensive tobacco policy that includes ENDS / vapor products and aligns with the Youth Tobacco Act
  • Work with Adolescent Health Centers
    • Provide education to make sure that all forms of tobacco especially e-cigarettes are asked during intake
    • Provide training and education to update EMR to reflect all forms of tobacco
  • Conduct an ad campaign
    • Create or use other ad campaign material to be approved by the NMRE
  • Work with schools and school districts that need updated signage for their bonus comprehensive 24/7 tobacco free campus / school policy
    • Purchase updated signs that could be distributed to schools
  • Coalitions or providers can choose other tobacco/ENDS related activities as funding permits or as it fits into its current work plan with approval form the Department
For submission materials, see the attached zip file. Proposals are to be submitted to providersupport@nmre.org by January 14, 2022.”
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