Policies / Procedures

This is the policy and procedure handbook for the NMRE broken into chapters, each chapter subsection us a new PDF that you can download,

Chapter 1

Employee Handbook

Mail Handling

Policy and Procedure Development and Approval


Chapter 2

Board Governance Policy

Goals Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

New NMRE Board Member Orientation

Per Diem Rates Policy

Chapter 3

ACT Practical Guidelines

Corrective Action Plan

Critical Incident and Sentinel Event Reporting

FPE Practice Guidelines

FY21 QAPIP Description and Work Plan

Home-Based Practice Guidelines

IDDT Practice Guidelines

PMTO Practice Guidelines

Practice Guidelines

Chapter 4

Breach Notification

Conflict of Interest

Consent to Share Information

FY21 Compliance Program Description and Work Plan

Medicaid Encounter Verification

Social Security Number Privacy

Standards of Conduct

Chapter 5

Intentionally Left Blank

Chapter 6


Delegated Functions Monitoring

Disclosure of Ownership

Network Provider Training

Non-licensed Staff Qualifications

Notification of Provider Termination

Pre-Delegation Assessment

Provider Monitoring and Oversight

SUD Provider Credentialing

Chapter 7

Access System

Access to Care Program

Care Coordination

FASD Screening

SUD Eligibility Criteria

SUD Eligibility Plan

SUD Residency

UM Program

Chapter 8

Advanced Directives

Beneficiary Grievance and Appeals

Member Information

Member Rights and Protections