RFP 2022 COVID Block Grant

A supplemental Block Grant (SABG) for services needed due to COVID has been awarded to the
Pre-Paid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPs). Project opportunities are for:
• Prevention Services: Providers in the NMRE region will provide prevention services that
are not currently being provided (or are currently being funded with COVID SABG
Prevention funding).
• Increased Staffing Costs
• Treatment: Providers in the NMRE region will provide Alcohol Health Home services to
individuals meeting AHH Handbook criteria. *CURRENT (2022) AHH providers do not
need to complete.
This RFP is NOT a commitment to further pursue contractual arrangements with potential
Providers responding to this solicitation. This RFP and application process will be used to
determine what solicitation efforts will be necessary to make an informed decision regarding
the procurement process for these grant funded services. If selected, you will be required to
sign a letter of agreement which is being made available with this RFP so you may review prior
to making a project submission.
This RFP will be open for proposals until Friday, August 5, 2022 at 5pm. Proposals must be sent
to providersupport@nmre.org no later than Friday, August 5, 2022 at 5pm and must include
the attached file “COVID SABG RFP FY2023” completed for EACH individual project proposal.
Instructions for completion are on the tab “A1 Application”. Submissions must include the
completion of each required tab. The NMRE has not received final allocations but anticipated
amounts are listed on the RFP document.
** Special Information about Budget Submissions:
• Supplies and Materials in the budget must be listed as such until they reach
$5,000 for an individual item; at which amount they become equipment.
• If the % of Fringe to Wage amount exceeds 25%, a separate detailed explanation
must be submitted explaining higher than normal fringe expenses.
• If Indirect Costs exceed 10% a separate detailed/itemized explanation must be
If you have any questions about his RFP, please contact Chris VanWagoner at




RFP file can be found here