Veterans Services

NMRE received a grant through MDHHS to develop a program to assist veterans within the 21-county catchment area. The NMRE hired a veteran navigator October 2017 to assist with this process. The Navigator position is tasks with implementation of a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to the delivery of publicly funded behavioral health services leading to a reduction in stress and activating events, and an increase in resilience, employment, and overall physical and mental health for Veterans and Military families.

Goals of program:

• Increased awareness of and access to publicly funded behavioral health care service providers in the local community.
• Increased communication, collaboration and coordination of services between the publicly funded behavioral health care system, VA services, and Veteran support services in the region.
• Reduction of stigma for Veterans and Military family members who feel stigma in seeking behavioral health services and stigma that can be reinforced within the public behavioral system.
• Reduction in the number of suicides within the Veteran and military family community.
• Veterans awareness.