Become a Provider

The NMRE directly contracts providers for the provision of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment, and contracts our 5 Member Community Member Service Programs (CMHSPs) to manage the mental health service and intellectual disability provider network in our 21 counties ("Region 2") in Northern Michigan. As such, the NMRE directly manages  procurement activities for SUD Treatment, while our partnering CMHSPs manage the procurement activities of mental health services and supports. Below you will find more information regarding requesting participation for both service types.

requesting a Contract for SUD Services for currently Non-Participating Providers

For assistance becoming a provider in our Substance Use Treatment Network, be advised that the NMRE issues annual Requests for Proposal to ensure potential providers have an annual panel opening to apply. We may also issue other public requests when we identify certain service needs for our population. During times where we are not issuing public panel openings, the NMRE's policies reserve our right to contract needed services non-competitively (without a panel opening) in circumstances where the service is only available from a single source, there is a public emergency, competition is inadequate, services are of limited quantity, services are unique, or continuity of care is of concern. Our committee will review requests we receive during these times for consideration, with no guarantee of approval. To apply to our SUD provider panel when we are not issuing a public request, please complete the below application and submit to, with the subject "New Provider Application"

Requesting addition of a new service or location to your current SUD Treatment Contract with NMRE

From time to time, our currently contracted providers may expand their organization by adding service sites or adding new services to existing sites. The NMRE, with its network services based upon the needs of our service adequacy, must approve the addition of these new services and locations. If you are a current NMRE SUD treatment provider adding a new service location, please submit the below New Service Level application below to, with the subject "New SUD Service Location request". If you are a current NMRE SUD treatment provider requesting a new service or service level to our network, please submit the New Location Application below to with the subject "New SUD Service request." Our committee will review the requests and respond appropriately.

Requesting a contract for Mental Health/Intellectual Disability/Crisis/Emotional Disturbance Services

For assistance becoming a provider in our mental health/intellectual disability/crisis/emotional disturbance network, please contact our CMHSPs below for more information:

AuSable Valley Community Mental Health, County Catchment: Iosco, Ogemaw, Otsego

Centra Wellness Network, County Catchment: Benzie, Manistee

North County Community Mental Health, County Catchment: Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet, Kalkaska, Otsego

Northern Lakes Community Mental Health, County Catchment: Crawford, Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Missaukee, Roscommon, Wexford

Northeast Michigan Community Mental Health, County Catchment: Alcona, Alpena, Montmorency, Presque Isle