Provider Resources

Title Description
Provider Agency Manual for MPDS, Revision April 2023 Manual for Michigan Prevention Data System for Substance Use Disorder Services (MPDS
PA2 Requestor Application Application for Public Act 2 (PA2/Liquor Tax) project funding. See more details on the NMRE knowledge base here:
NMRE SUD Provider Manual This is the most recent version of the NMRE SUD Treatment Manual, incorporated into the NMRE SUD Treatment contract by reference.
NMRE Synar Prevention Manual 2023 The current NMRE Synar Prevention Manual.
NMRE SUD Prevention Manual 2024 The most updated NMRE SUD Prevention Services Manual.
FY2023 SUD Treatment Rates The NMRE specific FY2023 codes, modifiers, and SUD Treatment rates
FY2023 SUD Boilerplate Treatment Boilerplate The current SUD Treatment contract; reports and attachments included.